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The Wikipedia page contains several important historical versions of the 'Be Thou my Vision' hymn, including the original old Irish version "Rop tú mo baile", it's translation into English by Mary Byrne in 1905, and a modern Scottish Gaelic translation by Céitidh Mhoireasdan. The page also offers a playable audio recording of excerpts from the original Irish "Rop tú mo baile" a cappella, and a list of CD recordings of the 'Be Thou my Vision', such as on Van Morrison's "Hymns To The Silence".


Songs and Hymns

Another good resource page for "Be Thou My Vision", with important facts (e.g. the key, meter and tune name) and an insightful devotional which considers some of the biblical references that the hymn alludes to, such as the renouncing of materialism ("Riches I heed not" - compare this with Luke 12:34) and the confession that God is the most important thing in a believers life (compare the writing of St Paul in Philippians 3:8 with the line "Christ of my own heart, whatever befall, Still be thou my vision, O Ruler of all").


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Be Thou My Vision piano arrangement:-

A video of an inspirational and technically brilliant version of the hymn, with the camera angle filmed from above so that the movement of the fingers can be observed. Look out for the unusual chords used in the introduction, which also are recalled later in the song. With piano sheet music available at Carlton Forrester , this version would work well for weddings or other occassions where a recital of "Be Thou My Vision" may be desired.

Celtic style version of "Be Thou My Vision"

A recording by 4Him of the hymn with Irish whistles, piano, strings, percussion and vocals. The film features a slide show of images and photographs.